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Hi Ken,
Remember me? The pain on your Pearson Chat session.

I notice on your WHAT'S NEW tab you have the following description for Calculating standards from assignment window. Below the photo is the description:

Calculate Assignment Scores from Linked Standards
With PowerTeacher 2.3, when a standard or group of standards are linked to an assignment, the teacher can now have the assignment score auto-calculate based on each individual student's performance on the underlying standards.
Which is the opposite of calculating to standards. BUT it IS what we at Pattonville are looking for. Maybe together we could get Pearson to tell us how to do this.
Again, as always, appreciation all you do for education and student achievement. Beth :-)

Beth Blackwell


Here are two answers from people at PowerTeacher that I hope answers your concern -
1. "I tracked it down to the marketing web site. I found the location, and gave them the
instructions for how/what to update. The actual text should be something like:
Assignment scores push into the standards assignment scores:
Based on customer feedback, options now exist to push the assignment score to the
standards assignment scores. This is similar to PowerGrade functionality, and particularly
useful when there are only one or two standards on a given assignment.
2. "They can definitely do that today. They can always score the standards separately and
give no assignment score. I’m working hard to get more and more districts to understand
that and to start to put it into practice. I’m getting pressure to do the opposite (which is
where the “roll up the standards scores into an assignment score” and “push down the
assignment score into the standards scores” requests come from). But we designed it from
the start to be able to accept only standards scores and no assignment score. In fact,
people often use the “green check” to mark complete for the assignment, so they can see
some indicator at the assignment level without any score."