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My son is in 4th grade, and is a VERY good student. Recently he forgot about 2 assignments that were worth 100 points each. He was reminded of them by his teacher, yet forgot to have us sign that he did the homework,which is why he couldnt turn it in. After 3 days he was given a 0/100. I found this out by checking his grades online. My son was in the wrong, and I recognize this- but did he deserve a 0/100? he did do the assignment, yet turned it in 3 days late. He failed the assignment, I will back the teacher and the policy. But why give him a ZERO for doing the work? I would think a 50/100 would suffice the situation, or a 0/100 if it's not done at all.



Teachers should never use zeros in a 100 point scale because they are mathematically
incorrect and because they make it almost impossible for students to get their grade back
to their real level. No score lower than 50% should ever be recorded.
Also in this situation the problem was your son's behavior not his achievement so there
should have been a behavioral consequence and his work should have been scored without
penalty for the lateness. Furthermore, depending on the purpose of the homework, it
probably should not be part of the grade anyway. If the homework was practice it is part of
learning NOT performance/achievement.