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Hello Ken,

Some teachers at our school are currently working with tiered assessments for standards-based grading. In other words, teachers are dividing assessments into three levels from 2.0-4.0 per the recommendation of Dr. Marzano in his book over Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading. The question has arisen, what if a student bombs or leaves blank 2.0 content area on the test but masters the 3.0 content area on the test. Do we give students the 3.0 score? How do you respond to a teacher who doesn't want to give the student a score of 3.0 because they didn't successfully complete the 2.0 section of the assessment? I estimate this only happens on limited occassions but still wanted to ask for clarity.

John Unrein


I have not and do not use Dr. Marzano's system so I do not have a definitive answer to this
question. If others reading this use his system please feel free to add a comment. It does
seem to me however, that if a student can answer the level 3.0 questions well that is their
level of achievement. Then you would need to investigate further as to why they 'bombed'
the level 2.0 questions - it could be the student or it might be the quality - or lack thereof
- of the level 2.0 questions.