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I am principal at a high school that is in year 1 of a three-year plan to move to competency grading. Homework now is not part of a student's grade so we are seeing a drop in some student's course grades. I am telling my teachers this is a natural part of the growth process since for several years, homework has been part of a student's grade and thus can artificially inflate what the student actually knows. Please let me know if what I am telling them is accurate. Do you have any statistics relating to a dip in GPA until the students finally get the fact that their scores will now be based on what they can demonstrate on a summative assessment, and not necessarily how compliant they were in doing homework? I really appreciate your insight. I don't want my teachers to get discouraged.


Janet Granada


I am not a researcher so I don't have any statisticsthat show a gpa dip while adjusting to eliminating homework from grades. Anecdotally I have heard stories about eliminating homework leading to lower grades for some students - those who got points for completion but didn't know or understand (or maybe had it done by a friend, a parent or an older sibling), and higher grades for some students - those who didn't need to do the homework, didn't do it and lost points for not doing it. The best person to probably give you research on this is in your state - Tom Guskey at the University of Kentucky.