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Hi, I'm currently taking Spanish 4 and I'm a junior. My first year in Spanish was with a
teacher that retired and she wasn't really good, I made high C's in the class though. My
second and third year, I had the most amazing teacher and I received mostly B's but
also some A's. This year, I have the worst teacher ever. All she talks is Spanish, I
understand because its a Spanish class. It would be different if I actually understood
what she's saying. For example, my old really good teacher came in the classroom to
talk to my current teacher. I COMPLETELY understood what he was saying. Everyone
else seemed to, also. Then, after he left, my current teacher spoke to us and to be
honest, I did not understand anything. My friend in the class has hispanic heritage and
she doesn't even know what the teacher is saying. Her mom called the teacher but she
didn't understand as well. Also, everyone seems to be doing well in the class. Another
student and I fail. The teacher seems to dislike him and I; she picks on us both. She
calls on us practically every time and doesn't back off until we give her something.
During the course, the class had to come up with individual speeches and record them.
The point was to talk about a subject for 2 minutes with no notes, but we all cheated
and used them anyway. This week we have to stand in front of the class and talk about
something, with NOTHING to help us except for pictures. I am terrified to do this. Mostly
because I know she'll make fun of me and embarrass me. Aren't teachers supposed to
be supporting and helpful? She definitely isn't. Anyways, my question is what should I
do? Oh by the way, I usually have a low C in the class. I'm not taking Spanish 5 next
year. Thank you in advance! :)



This is a sad story and shows why teachers need to support students in their learning.
The only course of action that I can recommend is that with your parents you talk to the
department head and/or principal.