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My daughter has been invited to do a study abroad for the last month of school. The
school where she would attend ends on June 19. Her last final in the US is on June 4. The
receiving school suggested coming for a solid three weeks to gain the experience.

While the principal of the current school was mildly supportive of allowing her to take her
exams a week early (during the review week), I worry that this could hurt her. It seems
that teachers do a lot of review during that Dead Week and that she would lose out on all
of that.

My preference would be to disenroll her (as if she was moving) on May 27 or so. Then
should would just leave/move. If we didn't say that she was coming back, would they not
give her an incomplete.... What would happen then if we suddenly re enrolled in August?

I don't care a bit about the exams. She is a good student and knows the material. This is a
great opportunity and I don't want her to lose it because high school teachers are wedded
to their final exams.

Thoughts from the Grade Doctor?

Caroline Lucas


I agree that you shouldn't worry about the exams. Have your daughter do the exams
early and then have the marvellous study abroad opportunity.