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My daughter attended a local private high school not generally considered in the top tier but where up to 10 girls each year graduate to colleges such as UVA and Yale as lacrosse players. While there from 6th-10th grade she earned grades consistently in the low B high C range. She worked very hard. The homework load was intense. She could not take any honors or AP courses because entrance was predicated on receiving an A in the previous course. Interestingly, she usually received one C each report card and it would float around from class to class. She asked to transfer to public high school in her junior year. She said she would never get anywhere at that school. We agreed and she did exceedingly well in all AP and honors courses. She took six full academic courses and earned 4s on the AP History and AP Language Comp exam and her SAT scores were dramatically better than her PSAT scores when she took the test in March of her junior year. She even took pre cal 2 over the summer and now is doing fine in AP Calculus AB. Our 2 sons graduated from the same high school and had similar experiences except that they did not go to public school. They each refused to take the SAT more than once as they had lost all hope of gaining admission to schools this private school touted. My oldest had scored well enough on the ERB to qualify to take the SAT in 8th grade. His scores barely improved between then and his senior year. It was almost like their place at the school had been set the year they entered, 6th grade, and never was it to change. Do you think that is possible? My middle son earned a 4.0 his first year at the University of South Carolina and my oldest went to GWU as a legacy and did fine his first year too. I thought private school was supposed to help one's college chances but I think if you are below the 50% mark in the class your chances are worse than good students taking APs in public high school. In short grade seem to be at the bottom of all of this. Someone has to take up the bottom at a private school. I really think our private school had some sort of grading scheme that favors students who have been at the school since early grade school and the children of very wealthy families. I wish there had been some way to know this in advance.



I am not sure if the grading scheme at the private high school favored students who were
there for a long time or those from wealthy families but there appears to have been a lot of
deciding students were at a level and not helping or allowing them to get better. Sounds
like a school that believes its purpose is sorting and selecting not success for all. I would
not want my grandchildren to go to a school with that approach.