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I am a middle school math teacher, and my daughter is a ninth grader in the same district. She is currently taking Honors English 2 and recently received a "50" for not getting her progress report signed until the third day. For the record, she has never turned in anything late before this. She is an A student, an athlete, and has earned recognition at the district and state levels for her academic achievements. She was very upset by the impact this grade had on her average in the class even though it was only by 1 point. By our calculation she will now end up with a 92% for the quarter. (93%=A in our district)
I contacted the teacher who said it was a late "assignment." I met with the principal who said that he didn't normally support these types of grades, but that the grade would remain on her record. I contacted the school district superintendent who said that he had no major problem with this grading practice as long as it wasn't counted in a significant way. (A to B not significant...really?) I have been teaching for twenty years, and I am dumbfounded by this experience. What is your opinion?

Kathryn Watkins


I am dumfounded too. A to B is very significant even if it is only first quarter. I don't
understand why the principal would say he normally doesn't support these type of grading
practices but said the grade would remain. Ditto for the supt. This type of grading practice is
quite simply unacceptable.