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Dear Grade Doctor,

This question concerns my 8 year son who is in the third grade. His teacher gave the class a math chapter test. On this test my son made an 89; however, the class as a whole scored very poorly. Therefore, the teacher decided to give the entire class a retest (even the students like my son who made good grades had to take the retest). On the retest which was given two days later, my child scored a 50. The teacher then took an average of the two grades making his final score a 70. I did think that this was fair to the students who made well on the initial test; it seems that the students who made well initially are being penalized for the rest of the class performing poorly. I think the only fair thing to do was to take the better of the two grades. I did ask the teacher why did she do this; she stated that if my child made well the first time he should have done as well or better on the retest. I do not agree with this premise because ones work and/or job performance can change depending on certain circumstances going on in a persons life ( for example, on the day of the retest maybe the student could have been sick).

What is your opinion on the matter? What is your recommendation on addressing this issue?

Thank you for your time!

Terra Davis


Under these circumstances I agree the teacher should record the better score for each
student but an even better option would be a third assessment (it could be an
interview/oral test) to find out if it is more likely that the first or second test was accurate.
As a parent I would be very concerned about your child's second test and would want to
know whether my child really understands or not.