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Dear Grade Doctor,
I would appreciate your opinion on this matter. I am a current 4 year 4.0 GPA holder in my sophomore year. The only issue I have is a B in biology. My grade is a 89.22%, just decimals away from an A. I have talked to the teacher because I am a very involved student concerned with my grade but she said theres nothing she'll do for me. Iv done good on everything this semester except the 2 big unit tests which I know I did poorly on because I missed valuable class time for athletic reasons. Im in the MYP program and she doesn't allow for either her MYP or Pre AP students to retake tests while she allows her standard curriculum students to retake them. She also doesn't accept late work at all. So she gives no second chances and I have no makeup work opportunities at all. I'm really stress because her judgment will ruin my GPA record, and its all a matter of a few points, which would definitely equate to more than .28%, enough to get me to an A.



I agree that your teacher should allow retakes and late work but please, please stop focussing
on your grades. Focus on learning and enjoying school and your friends and your grades will
look after themselves.




I find it contradicting when you suggest that I shouldn't focus so much on my grades.
If I spent as much time focusing on friends and trying to have fun, then my grades
would be greatly different. I was raised and have come to believe that the purpose of
attending school is to learn. My learning is reflected with the grades I get. I might
actually be able to have fun and enjoy school and friends if grades weren't valued so
much and I wasn't constantly stressed with completing school work. If I had adopted
the careless attitude towards my education as many of my fellow students had, then
there would be no purpose for me to even attend school. Without the effort and focus
I put into my grades, I'd only be a mediocre student at best.

The Grade Doctor's


"I was raised and have come to believe that the purpose of attending school is to learn." This is what I believe too but I also believe that grades often don't reflect learning, especially if they are in points and percentages, and if teachers have horrible grading practices like the ones you described in your first post. If you know you know it that is what matters not your grade. Your sophomore grades aren't going to decide your future so keep learning and stop stressing about .28%.