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Grading for Learning in the 21st Century

In order for the standards-based grading movement to catch on in the mainstream, teachers are going to need a gradebook that includes all the necessary features to support grading for learning, but delivers these features in a way that is easy to learn and easy to use. PowerTeacher is the first electronic gradebook that includes these features, and presents them in a way that can be quickly mastered by not just a select group of enthusiastic teachers, but virtually all teachers within a district.


Individual Student Profile

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The "Student View" mode allows teachers to quickly get a birds-eye view of each student's progress toward standard and work with the individual. All assignments that have been linked to standards are listed along with the scores entered for each standard. A variety of metrics are provided, including times assessed, mean, median, mode and most recent. Scores from the Final Score row are automatically inserted onto standards-based report cards, and are also visible to parents and students in real time from the PowerSchool web portal.


Summative Assessment

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PowerTeacher includes flexible calculation options for determining each student's current progress toward mastery for standards. This includes a surprisingly simple summative calculation option that allows the teacher or administrator to specify the number of recent scores to include in the calculation, and weigh them so the most recent scores are weighted more than the least recent scores.


Formative Assessment

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With the Standards Drawer, teachers can quickly and easily enter scores for standards linked to daily assignments by opening the standards drawer. One click and all the standards for an assignment are revealed. Another click, and they're hidden again. This allows teachers to incorporate standards assessment into their traditional workflow, saving time and encouraging more widespread and regular use.


Standards Library

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Standards can be quickly linked to assignments within the assignment detail window. The Standards tab shows the teacher all standards that have been associated with that particular course. Just check the checkboxes to link the standards, and your standards drawer will be ready to use.

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